My Workstation

IMG_20150415_131523I built the gnu tool chain from source. The right monitor has my vi editing session, OpenOCD, and a telnet to OpenOCD. …and yes! that is a model M keyboard the second best keyboard ever made. The left monitor is a little more interesting, the box in the left hand side of my desk is a BitScope, this is a decent Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, and logic probe all in one box. The Linux software works well out of the box. Also there is a Flyswatter II and an Olmex USB programmer (I like the Olmex better), these were a bit difficult to get set-up with OpenOCD but have gotten easier as OpenOCD has matured. I’ve used things like AVROne, and PIC Kit 2, but OpenOCD is far better as remote gdb works well. Say what you will about the learning curve for gdb but it’s the best debugger.