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AVX – United States
Cornell-Dubilier – United States
EEStor – United States
Epcos – Germany
Europe Chemi-Con (ECC) – Japan
Elna – Japan
Hitachi – Japan
KENDEIL S.r.l. – Italy
KEMET – United States
KOA – Japan
Man Yue – China
Murata – Japan
Mouser Electronics – United States – really Mouser makes caps???
Nichicon – Japan
Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) – Japan Very Good
Panasonic – Japan | Okay
Philips Lighting – Netherlands
Rubycon – Japan Good
Samsung – South Korea
Seacon – India? Nakamichi used these but most people say crap
Taiyo Yuden – Japan
TDK – Japan
United Chemi-Con (UCC) – Japan
Vishay – United States
Würth – Germany
Yageo – Taiwan

Mallory – United States
Sprague – United States – widely regarded as the best
Grande Capacité – France [3]
A. H. Hunts – United Kingdom[4][5][6][7][8][9]
Procond Oy – Finland
Marcon – Bought by Nippon Chemi-con[10]

Windows 11 QEMU Config


Dream Source Labs… so you thought Saleae sucked

When you untar the archive and everything’s marked executable, you know you’re in for a hard time. There is nothing easy or convenient about this thing.

Having said that it does work with Sigrok and Sigrok knows a lot of protocols. PulseView (the GUI front end to Sigrok) is okay but for heavy lifting you probably want sigrok-cli.

I just found it difficult to put the firmware (gateware for the FPGA) in the correct place–why don’t these things (Saleae’s the same way) just store the FPGA gateware in flash? Lastly, there are some things I like better about the Saleae’s software.